Collections Over Coffee If We Were Having Coffee/#JusJoJan Day 17

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, today, I’m combining this post with Just Jot it January Day Seventeen, where today’s prompt is “Collection”, courtesy of my friend Deborah at Container Chronicles.

I would tell you that living an unschooling life with three other creatives leads to a great deal of collecting…and that might lead us to chatting about things we each collect, and why. But we can’t be having coffee if I don’t have any, so I need to go get me another cuppa…back shortly.

If we were having coffee in person, I might take you through the house (it’s little, so it wouldn’t take long), and show you some of our favorite collections. Since we’re having coffee virtually, today, I went around the house myself, and gathered some things to show you. Let’s start with my daughter’s collections, OK? Why? Well, because she’s cute, and interesting, and, since she was born last, she likes to be first at some things. She’s very into nature and animals. She started collecting birds’ nests several years ago, and looks to add to her collection in the fall, when the leaves reveal the nests we couldn’t see, and the winter weather is likely to destroy them.

She also collects Littlest Pet Shop characters. There are over 70 here, and she has more on the way to her. Each of them has a name, a backstory, and a shifting biography. She often creates complex storylines with her two best friends, who also collect these tiny toys. She makes them jewelry, props, and backgrounds, and casts them as the stars in assorted videos.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve been collecting stones and rocks since I was about seven years old. Earlier, while watching a mineral documentary on PBS, my Accomplice remarked that he could have been a geologist, and I agreed that that would have been a cool career choice.

I keep stones, rocks, shells, bits of coral and fossils, and other found items in jars, bowls, and baskets throughout the house. Some of my favorites are tied to personal memories, like the jarof blue shells, sand, pebbles, and bits of beach glass I picked up while walking with the kids on the Atlantic Coast in Salem, Massachusetts during an unschooling picnic, or the stone with a hole straight through the middle that I found long ago, with my Accomplice, while we were newlyweds walking on the Pacific Coast, near the South Jetty at Florence, Oregon.

I can’t identify them for sure, but I’m almost positive there are some items I found on Florida Bay, at the bottom of the Florida Everglades, and some little pieces of Arizona, Montana, and Wyoming, too…not to mention the pebbles picked up far, far away, in Taiwan, by my friend Litsong Lu, who then paints traditional Taiwanese characters on them.

If we were having coffee, I might show you the stack of notebooks where I’ve been scribbling my thoughts and assorted fan fiction stories for years. I’ve just brought these out of a cabinet where they’d been tucked out of sight. I’d also tell you that claiming my fan fiction and sharing it has been tremendously liberating. Declaring that passion, and finding so many folks who appreciate it, has allowed me, in some strange way, to embrace all my writing on a deeper level, and to share without shame. There’s a value in that, and so this collection is moving from that cabinet in a corner of my bedroom to a visible shelf in my study.

If we were having coffee, we’d probably have it here in my study. If you looked at the top of my grandmother’s cedar chest, you’d see a collection of things I haven’t yet gotten to. Such is the nature of life…

And if you looked at the top hutch shelf, you’d see the Star Trek books I’ve been collecting since age 13 (this is a significantly pared-down collection) – and a collection of mail my Accomplice and I need to go through, but haven’t yet.

If we were having coffee, here in my study, you’d feel the cozy warmth of the fire in the woodstove at the far end of the long living room. This last collection is destined for consumption – some collections are inherently transient, and so it is with firewood…

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s time for me to go, and direct you to Part Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share…via the link or the little blue froggy! I’d also remind you that you can find more Just Jot it January by clicking the link. I’d invite you to share your own collections. And, of course, I’d wish you all a week full of the very loveliest of chaos!

The Joy of Skulls: #JusJoJan Day 12

Welcome to Day Twelve of Just Jot it January, where, for a month – well, we jot. Whatever. However. Wherever. Whyever. It’s graciously hosted by Linda G.Hill. 

Today’s prompt,skullscomes to us courtesy of Dean at Dean’z Doodlez.

I almost wrote a Trip and T’Pol story – except, after many days of insisting, persistently and purportedly logically, T’Pol must have been feeling a little playful. All I could pick up from her today were little fluffy pieces of this and that which went rather jarringly with the bloodier bits she was sharing – of being trapped, and knowing that her life, Trip’s, and their unborn twins’ were all at stake…but all of these are in fragmented images, like shattered bones, at the moment, and much more in images and emotional flashes than in anything that’s really ready to be shared in anything more than that scattered manner above.

Maybe, in some weird way, that carcasslike paragraph up there fits the theme…

Anyway, I’ve decided to go another way.

This is Yorick. I met him in a Manhattan beauty salon whose name I no longer remember. The very idea of this extremely country upstate girl who grew up next to a field where silage corn and timothy hay were grown, who watched the haying from her bedroom window, and who’s seldom given much of any thought at all to matters of fashion, would be in a Manhattan beauty salon was one of those simply amazing confluences of circumstance that lead me to create unabashedly run-on and purple passages.

Without the Internet, it probably never would have happened….but that’s not the point today. The point is that I met Yorick, and had fun with him. And I took pretty pictures, so I can smile about skulls while I share these with you.

Skulls also make me think of my daughter. That’s not gruesome – really!

You see, my little girl like bones. Always has – maybe always will. She’s got a fairly good grasp of human, equine, and mastodon anatomy, as you can see! Look at that joy, that goofy five-year old horse skull grin on ther little face! That, my friends, is LOVE!

Sometimes people wonder why we choose to live like this, why our children have lived lives free of school and lessons, and asked what we DO, how our kids learn, when they aren’t subject to any curriculum…

Here’s a little hint of an answer, in these images.

They learn.

Oh, yes! They learn.

And, while they’re doing it, their faces look like this! =D

Suddenly, I’m finding skulls to be things of beauty, and not just because they support so much.

Maybe that’s what T’Pol wanted me to see today? Don’t know, but, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to tell you that I have a headache that’s insisting my own skull is too tight. I’m trying to stave off a potential incipient migraine. I’m not going to proofread this; despite having other writing I could and maybe should be doing, tonight, I think I’m going to set aside the laptop earlier tonight, take a hot shower, and maybe try to rest it away.

May we all keep what’s in our skulls in place, and fill them with thoughts that make that face in front of that skull grin like this little girl!


That’s it for me today…find more jottings right here!

Scattered and Cloudy: JusJoJan Day 6

Welcome to Day Six of Just Jot it January, where, for a month – well, we jot. Whatever. However. Wherever. Whyever. It’s graciously hosted by Linda G.Hill.

Today’s prompt, “Clouds”, comes to us from Geoff Le Pard at TanGental, who’d love a visit! Pop on over and say hi, if you’re so inclined.


When I told my daughter that today’s word was “cloud’, she said, “What are you going to write about him?”

To her, this is what -or rather whom – Cloud means.

I, on the other hand, thought of the clouds she asked me to cut out of paper last week, so that she could write inspirational phrases on them, and hang them, along with moons and hearts, from her ceiling. Now she has a swinging array of thread-secured pretties.

OK, perhaps it’s just coincidental, but I’m listening to “Welcome to Night Vale”, and a fictitious and unknown Emily Bronte novel was just listed – The Flippancy of Clouds. Reminds me of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Sunset at the South Jetty, Florence, Oregon, circa 2000.


I also thought of pictures I’ve taken of clouds, and of the Simon and Garfunkel song, “Cloudy”, and this poem that I wrote on October 1, 2015, for OctPoWriMo Day One:

October clouds over the New York State Museum, Albany, NY, circa 2014.

Full Moon Clouds

We step out the door,

My girl and I

for our nightly walk.

Full moon night

After an eclipse

And a skyful of clouds.

The silver moon

Glows like a nightlight

Seen behind frosted glass.

We walk and talk

My girl and I

Illuminating spirits.

We sit in the front yard.

In our camp chairs

And watch the clouds.

“They look like snow

When the wind’s blown it

Into little hills and valleys.”

“Or the surface of a brain

If you flattened it out

And it was white, not grey.”

It’s about more than clouds

This time that we share

More than full moons and walks.

It’s about connection

Little moments holding hands

And sharing secrets.

She’s growing up fast

This girl of eleven

Will soon be a woman.

She’ll live her life grown

On her own terms

With clouds we don’t share.

Our walks will be memories

These hand in hand times

Sharing secrets beneath cloud blankets.

What we’re weaving tonight

While clouds roll above

Is the fabric of her future self.

Lone Star Geyser with rainbow, near Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, circa 1998-9?

Well, these thoughts are scattered, cloudy…like a song, or pictures, or a dusky-white wild stallion, or pages culled from last year’s dictionary, snipped and shaped and hung from the ceiling of an girl nearly eleven and a half years old…

And that’s all the cloudiness my nocturnal and wearily cloudy mind has to say about that…find more jottings here!

Blink and You’ll Miss It: #SoCS

This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme -an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: “miss”, used any way we like.

My post was inspired by two photos of myself and my children, taken a little over two years apart. The first, in September of 2013, is directly below. The image after the poem was taken on Thursday evening. I think these two images say maybe better than any words can what has happened in just two years, and the hurtling toward adulthood going on in the space of my blinking…That also explains why this is posting so late. My daughter got a last-minute invitation, and that disrupted my blogging routine, such as it is.  I’m not sorry…

Some things I just don’t want to miss, y’know?

With Jeremiah, just 12, and Annalise, 9, in September of 2013.

Blink and You’ll Miss It

Blink and you’ll miss it

Blink and they’ve grown

Grown taller and smarter

Grown in that tiny space

Space of an eye’s blink

Space between heartbeats

Heartbeats and tears

Heartbeats and laughter

Laughter once high pitched

Laughter now of a man

Man in the making

Boy in a man’s body

Body strong and graceful

Body with a woman’s curves

Curves I didn’t see coming

Curves grew in a breath

Breath held at their births

Breath exploded in first cries

Cries of anger cries of sorrow

Cries of joy at bright tomorrow

Tomorrow once so far away

Tomorrow coming in a rush

Rush of lengthening bones

Rush of strengthening minds

Minds of their own as babies

Minds more their own today

Today one’s bigger than me

Today one’s well on her way

Way too fast this changing

Way too fast so easy to miss

Miss the little-boy voice

Miss the deepening breaks

Breaks in the action of life

Breaks to look in their eyes

Eyes that meet mine boldly

Eyes that still look to me

Me who’s getting older

Me who’s fading out

Out of ascendancy

Out of immediacy

Immediacy everywhere

Immediacy of change

Change the size of clothing

Change interests and beliefs

Beliefs of their own now

Beliefs I may not share

Share in their wonder

Share things I’ll most miss

Miss it if I blink too much

Wonder what I just missed

Two weeks ago, I shared an original one-off bit of Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction, Not Only Metaphor. I promised to add a paragraph for each comment I received. Last week’s post garnered three comments, so I’ve got three new paragraphs, written stream-of-consciousness style, to fit the SoCS motif.

To remind you, T’Pol and Trip are in bed, together, and T’Pol just heard Trip whisper something he didn’t say. Now, engineer that he is, he’s wondering just how she did that…

Most Agreeable Human Contact

T’Pol shivered into the touch of his cool lips. “You’re certain you didn’t speak?”

“I think I’d know. You sure you’re not a mind-reader, or whatever your people call that thing that Tolaris fellow did to you – oh, hell, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought that up. I’m tired, and my mouth – well, I guess I don’t have to tell you about my mouth.”

“No, you don’t have to tell me about your mouth.” T’Pol shifted so that she could engage in the most agreeable human contact known as kissing. That occupied the next two minutes. “Nor am I a melder. Will you remain here, and sleep with me?”

Mmm…now where will that invitation lead, I wonder?

Same deal applies. Comment, and get another paragraph. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen next; I won’t be writing the next batch for a week. So, if you want to know, comment here, and there’ll be more next Saturday.

If you liked this week’s paragraphs, why not stop to see Pav, Erin Zarro, and Dale Cooper? Their comments gave us this week’s snippet.

Standard Disclaimer Applies: I don’t own these two; I don’t want to make any money from writing their stories.

Have you tried stream-of consciousness writing?

Come read more, or join in – there’s just a few simple rules.

Visit the #SoCS hashtag, or click here!

The Stuff of An Unschooling Life: #SoCS for 11/28/15

This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme -an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: “stuff” used an any way we like – I went fairly basic,but got a little saucy at the end!

As sometimes happens, I had something else in mind for this post, which I intended to write a few hours from now, once I’d gotten my morning journaling, reconnecting with the kids after sleep, and enough hometending done that I could give myself to the process.

Instead, I wrote this journal entry, and realized, when the word ‘stuff” emerged all on its own, that this was actually my #SoCS post for today.

Sometimes, people ask me how my kids can learn if I’m not actively teaching them; or without the use of a curriculum. School has become so entrenched in our culture as the place kids must go to learn, that we’ve heard, more than once, despite both kids’ obvious intelligence (and, of course, I’m not remotely biased in that regard!), that they must be stupid or backward if they’re not either in school or sitting round the kitchen table being overseen in their lessons (“School-at-home”).

What follows isn’t necessarily a “typical” day. Our lives are organic; each day flows with its own rhythm, energy, and focus. Sometimes we’re much more active; sometimes we spend the day going places and doing things. It’s just a glimpse into a bit of yesterday, told sketchily so I have some kind of personal record, and shared as an example of what learning looked like, for bits and pieces of yesterday, here at our house.

And a note: I forgot to add paragraphs for last Saturday’s post. So, if you’re looking for more of the story, stay tuned after today’s SoCS, because I’ve got more to share! =D

The Stuff of An Unschooling Life

November 28, 2015 –

Yesterday was a lovely day. Once I was up and came to my study for my morning(ish) journaling, Miah and I had a long and wandering conversation that started with him talking about a story he just edited for someone on the FIMfiction site. That led to a decision to find him some fun grammar books for the Kindle, and a discussion of opening lines. I’m reading Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington, and read him the first line – led to an exploration of life as a slave…and talk of Tuskegeethe school, and the experiments

Then I read him the first line of Sea Changes:

Karina sighed.

He wants to read these when I’m done. We talked then about marketing funnels, and some of what I’m doing with the Kifo stories and fan fiction in that regard. Then I read him the first line of Bounded By a Nutshell (the Monsterscript), where Spock suddenly collapses…

And somehow that led to watching one of his favorite My Little Pony episodes…


Later, Lise and I hung out, watching The Amazing Race, Shark Tank, and Dateline. She cleaned her desk and made paper chains; I puttered with email and other stuff on my Kindle, and there were times of snuggly, silly fun, too – she can still crawl onto my lap in the blue chair! =)


That was rather a lot of stuff, but I’ve got a little more on its way to you….last week, as some of you might remember, I shared an original one-off bit of Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction, “Not Only Metaphor”. I promised to add a paragraph for each comment I received…and then I forgot to follow through – oops!

So here, a week belatedly, is a little bit more of that story…

To remind you, T’Pol and Trip are in bed, together, discussing – uh, ‘explorations of inter-species sexuality.’ Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, T’Pol finds herself awash in human language constructs and her own primal Vulcan impulses..

If you guessed that this is an PG-13 rated bit, you’re right.

Helen Espinosa, Erin Zarro, and Fallon Brown all get new paragraphs today! If you like what you read next, why not pop over to their places and say thanks ?

Standard Disclaimer Applies: I don’t own these two; I don’t want to make any money from writing their stories.

“Four Already?”

Hey, pepperpot – you all right? If you give me an hour or so to rest and refuel, I’m more than willing to give your ‘moremoremore’ another go…” But then, he added, in a whisper he didn’t think, perhaps, that she could hear, “I just hope I’ll be able to drag myself to Engineering in six hours – hell, four, already?”

You didn’t tell me you were on duty in four hours, Trip.” She hadn’t meant for it to sound like an accusation; did humans always perceive her statements that way?

No, I didn’t.” Now he was frowning, as he propped himself up on one elbow. “And I’m guessing you haven’t reviewed the revised duty roster, since you’ve been off for the last 40 hours or so…” He stroked her forehead with his lips, and added, “So how is it that you know about it, when I was just wondering how I’m going to make it through that shift?”

Did Trip really say anything?

If he didn’t, how does T’Pol know what he’s thinking?

Will Trip make it through his shift?

Will T’Pol get her moremoremore?

Want to help me write this story?
I’m inviting you to come play with me!

Drop me a comment, prompt, or suggestion,

,and I’ll add a paragraph in your name next Saturday. =)

Enjoy stream-of consciousness writing?

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click here!

Not just paper chains…she also made this woven paper art – copy paper and staple construction.

The Aswirl With Activity Edition: Second Serving Sunday

A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, from my little corner of the blogosphere…

Are you ready for a Second Serving?

Life Stuff:

Last Week’s Edition: Peace Falling Like Leaves

  • This week came with the unexpected –  OnTuesday, the kids received a last-minute invite to a party at an indoor water park a little over an hour from home. Miah declined, but Lise wanted to attend – and none of her swimsuits fit after her recent growth spurt.
  • Wednesday afternoon, she and I visited four stores before finding one in her size that she liked. Sporting goods store FTW!
  • Because her brother didn’t attend, Lise was able to invite her friend Gabrielle, so we picked her up on the way. While the girls attended the party, Miah and I had lunch at Johnny Rockets, and spent some quality one on one time together before we all were reunited for the drive home. Both kids were asleep within an hour or two of getting home, so I also had some private time with my Accomplice.
  • The week also included a fair amount of cleaning and organizing – the continuation of our goal to declutter and prepare to move to Oregon in a year or two.
  • What didn’t happen as much as I’d hoped is writing-related activity. It’s hard for me to be both outwardly focused, and inwardly oriented, at the same time. I did write a few poems, and some blogposts, and did a bit of freewriting for next year’s A-Z. But plans to get caught up went awry in the swirl of activity…
  • Which did include both my weekly Sunday write-in with our local NaNoWriMo group, and a plotting workshop at a local library on Monday. So there was writing-related stuff, just not nearly as much as I’d hoped at the beginning of the week.
  • Sometimes, life takes precedence. And that’s OK.

With my nearly grown boy at The Great Escape Lodge and Waterpark,  yesterday.

Last week’s features:

ROW80:  The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life.

  • Warmth and Gratitude: The first freeze, and my update, from within my cozy, happily active home.

  • Flurries of Gratitude: As the first flakes fall and the leaves swirl in brisk breezes, I find gratitude amidst the chaos of the unexpected.

Eight Sentence Sunday: The Blog Hop For Everyone Who Loves to Write!

  • Something Totally Unrelated”: T’Pol’s questions lead to an inspired volley and a questioning of the evidence…but the certainty that they must follow the Captain’s orders is what’s tripping up Trip.

Mindful Monday:  Because Self-Awareness is Vital to My Joyful Life.

  • I was apparently mindfully elsewhere on Monday, and didn’t post.

WIPpet Wednesday: Date-related WIP Snippets!

  • Being Bamboozled”: In the second snippet from The IDIC Romance‘s “Scavenger Hunt”,  Trip and T’Pol exchange a verbal volley regarding their performance of a days-off assignment that might or might not have been a game,  and Jon knows he’s being bamboozled – but the how is still a mystery.

Coffee and Conversation: Grab a cup of something refreshing, and let’s chat!

  • I had coffee and conversation, just not on my blog…

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday): A weekly prompt to free the mind, and the words!

  • Where’s the Beef?”: An unexpected party brings an opportunity to spend some time with my fourteen-year-old – and a reflection on growing up.


OctPoWriMo: 31 poems in 31 days!

In the Wilds of Internet-Land: What Piqued My Interest This Week:

  • A Day of Fasting:  A lovely and meaningful poem that inspired my week’s activities.
  • Selfieish:  When women are so insecure about how they look that they leave little photographic record of their existence.

This week, on the blog:

  • #8sunday: More “Mission Accomplished” from that delicious inter-species duo, Trip and T’Pol. Will kissing trump sleuthing?
  • Mindful Monday: How much is enough? Is it time for a November hiatus?
  • ROW80 Updates: On Sunday and Wednesday, for the duration of the round.
  • WIPpet Wednesday: I’m serializing “Scavenger Hunt”, another #StaD story from The IDIC Romance, and the sequel to “Mission”. The nature of Vulcan questions, and the human correlation between movies and popcorn.
  • Coffee and Conversation: A potential schedule change, and a possible partial hiatus. And maybe more about bullying, as well.
  • Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS): A post based on the weekly prompt, TBA Friday. I’ll go wherever my wandering mind takes me.
  • OctPoWriMo: A month long exploration of and celebration of poetry. I intend to finish the month with 31 poems written and posted.

With Annalise and Gabrielle at the Great Escape. Notice the matching sharks they got at the arcade. =)

What’s Next:

  • I’ll keep moving toward my ROW80 and OctPoWriMo goals. This will include a bit of a ROW80 reset, to accommodate the end of the month, and a shift to NaNoWriMo and novel drafting.
  • 2015-16 homeschool paperwork, and a minor fix from last year’s reporting.

  • A few other matters need tending – loose ends from the last weeks. This week, I wrap up some of those projects in progress.

  • Halloween travel, and a doctor’s appointment for Lise.

That’s what I’ve been up to, and will be getting up to.

What about you?

Anything exciting happening in your corner of the world?

Any Second Servings to offer?

(Yes, I’m a little nosy. Writer thing.)

If you want to satisfy my perhaps inappropriate curiosity,

drop a line, a link, or an image into the rectangular receptacle below 

or just pass around the serving platter!

Seconds? No! I couldn’t even finish the firsts…

Is it Too Late for A Lemonade Stand? Ready. Set. Write! August 24-31, 2015 (Week 12 Update)

346d0-rsw2Ready. Set. WRITE!, is a summer writing intensive that provides an opportunity to cheer each other on wherever we’re at in our writing. We set goals, write like crazy, and keep one another accountable.


And now, without further fuss and bother, my update!

Color-coding key:

  • Goal attained = blue with overstrike.

  • Goal in progress = green.

  • Goal-in-waiting = red.

How I Did On Last Week’s Goals:

  • Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan…and that was this past week, for me. My laptop started having charging issues, so I ordered two new adapter cords…I’ve been this route before – only, this time, the adapters didn’t work, and even my ace-in-the-hole, my technologically skilled 13 year old son, couldn’t fix it. It’s going to need to be repaired, it’s out of warrantee…and our family finances are at an ebb point, at the moment.

  • So, I’ve been making do with an elderly and almost forgotten laptop. There’s no battery in it, so I’m attached to an outlet, and it’s far less capable than my once-trusty Lenovo. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I am determined and strong-willed.

  • I’ve been slowed down to a crawl, this week, as I climb the learning curve. I expect this week to be a little better, and, at some point in the not-too-distant future, I hope to have either my laptop back in service, or a more equitable replacement.



  • Foul Deeds Will Rise: Trueborn Weft Series #2: Draft to 95,000 words. Current total: 85,600/ 90,000. 9,400 words to goal. Nothing new.


  • The IDIC Romance: Draft exploratory summary paragraphs for Enterprise A-Z 2016 stories – letters F-O (33 paragraphs). FX complete; 24/26 letters. I exceeded this goal!


  • Slow Jazz Awakening”: Using compiled notes, draft rough revision plan for 16 scenes. Nothing new.

  • Complete “Peach Liqueur Love” Deep Revision, Exercises 2 and 3. Nothing new. .


  • Publish 9 regular features posts; schedule ahead if possible; post authorized reblog. 8/9 posts completed; no reblogs.

  • Catch up all June and July blog comments and visits. Nothing new.


  • Homeschool Administration: Proof quarterly reports; prepare end of year materials and submit to school district. Annalise’s report proofed.
  • Clean/tidy study; focusing on hoosier cabinet this week. Completed.
  • Clear round table; add tablecloth: Take TWO! A lot of progress made here, although I didn’t quite finish.


  • Continue planning/ attending August/September outings and events. Take into account each child’s need for social time and hibernation – and the all-important budget. Make birthday plans with the boyo. Boy birthday plans; visit to Y; sleepover for the girl and dinner and a local walk for the boy.

  • Watch Star Trek: Enterprise, Season Three, through S3E17: “Zero Hour”. 7 episodes. When things get a little stressful, Trip and T’Pol can always make it better! =)


  • Write in Intentions journal/ #onegoodcup journal six times. Meditate seven times. Do one eating meditation. Journals: 7/6; Meditation: 8/7 (madalas; tai chi); Tai chi walking.

  • T’ai chi practice: at home five times; class twice. At home: 4/5; Class: 2 /2.

  • Visit the #RSWrite hashtag once daily, because this is my last chance to do it while it’s still happening! I did all right until Wednesday, when it all fell apart…I’ll do better next year, I promise!


A favorite passage from my story:

  • I didn’t write any new words this week; but I did find this passage that speaks to me:

Come away from the thought, my own. There can be nothing other than pain in it. You will find the doe with a birthling, and you will wait for her to drink, and you will take the fawn. Only that. Nothing other.”

She held to that, to his prohibition against thinking at the edges of the act; at the edges of her own maddened memories…

But he was staring into the murky liquid again, milky white swirling slowly into green, changing him, Changing him…

There is danger in this, Kaivelt who is Dragon.”

There is danger in merely living, Niaan who is Tuhlys.”


The biggest challenge I faced this week:

  • The incapacity of my laptop. At first, it felt more than a little like losing a bit of my brain – and there are a few files I can’t access, because they’re in Dropbox, and it doesn’t like to let me get at my stuff remotely (most likely I’m doing something wrong, and maybe, one day, I’ll figure it out…until then, I’m adapting.


Something I love about my WIP:

  • I love that all my characters are at transitional points in their lives. Some will grow, and others will stagnate, and some things have been set into motion that will have far-reaching and unpredictable consequences.


And here we are! It’s Monday, August 31, – the final RSW update – why does it seem like we just got started?

My fingertips are celebrating Manuscripts and Manicures, thanks to my favorite young manicurist, my daughter Annalise. The blue is for the Jeweled Walk in my story – it’s made of translucent blue gemstones, and has a sinister purpose. The sparkles are for the firestars of Everdeep, which contains my protagonist’s Solemate somewhere in its vastnesses. And the tint of red on my thumbs – that’s for blood. Because, yes, there’s blood in this story. My manicure is a bit untidy, fitting for a first draft.


Once this update is posted, I’ll celebrating a summer of accomplishment with other RSWers at the #manicuresandmanuscripts event!

What’s next? Well, I love the weekly goals, and I’ll be keeping that format. And I’ve made some new friends to keep in touch with, too!
And there’s always next summer!