Second Serving Sunday: The Transitional Edition

A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, from my little corner of the blogosphere

Life Stuff:

My last Second Serving Sunday post: The “It’s Spring, Sir!” Edition

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I’ve made great prepping strides this week – I’m still behind where I’d like to be with my April and yearly challenges, and I haven’t yet gotten past thinking about May, June, and July in the barest sense, but I’m finally feeling like there’s a good chance I can wake up on April 1 with my ducks in a row for at least the first few days.

  • My biggest accomplishment is that I’ve plotted the first of my two CampNaNoWriMo  Kifo Island Chronicles  series novellas. These are based on my A-Z Challenge  posts from last year. I’ve got a last bit of sweeping up of files for the Scrivener setup, and I still need to plot the second – but this one, at least, will be ready to write at midnight on April 1.
  • I’ve also finished reverse-engineeering my revision plan, and rewritten two scenes of my Trip and T’Pol story, “Slow Jazz Awakening”. There’s still a chance I can submit this by the end of the month, to satisfy my March Write1Sub1, but I may submit it to my writing group for critiquing, first. The next fourteen scenes should go fairly quickly, now that Novella One is plotted.
  • Lastly, I’ve finished the notes for my A-Z posts, and will get started on those later today. I hope to have at least the first four posts (for the first week), scheduled by April 1 – I can continue on from there with a little less stress. I’m doing well enough with my general blogging, although I’m not quite up to date with visits, and have some odds and ends I want to tend to before I dive into challenge-land…

And now, last week’s features:

ROW80: The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life.

  • Penultimate Vision: Tightening my focus as I target the end of the round, and the challenges to come.
  • A Somewhat Surreal Vision: As I dive into various story worlds, and contemplate Round One, life seems a little – perspective-twisting.

Eight Sentence Sunday:

Coffee and Conversation:

WIPpet Wednesday:

  • “Curses Upon  Thou! A grammatically incorrect excerpt from my time-travel fantasy novel-in-progress, Chameleon’s Dish. In the last snippet I’ll be sharing from this WIP for a while, Henry deals with a rabbit-mort, and his own feelings.

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):

  • Logic and Discord: In the revised opening scene of “Slow Jazz Awakening”, a young Vulcan woman named T’Pol considers logic, discord, quiet, music, laughter, and the imprecise nature of human communication…while taking a wholly illogical risk for potentially logical reasons.

Variety’s Spice:

What’s Next:

March Focuses:

  • Wrapping up ROW80 Round One – (done!)
  • Completing and submitting homeschool paperwork (done!), and my fan fiction story, “Slow Jazz Awakening”, still in revision.
  • I’ll look at my longer-term goals, during the break.

April Focuses:

  • Setting ROW80 goals for Round Two, which starts on April 6.
  • Completing 60,000 words for CampNaNo (roughly two novellas).
  • Draft two Kifo Island Chronicles novellas: Transitions and Generations.
  • Complete the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge.
  • Planning and plotting for Story A Day May, when I will explore more stories for The IDIC Romance.

This week, on the blog:

  • For Coffee and Conversation: Something made my head spin a few weeks ago, in a good way…and I’m finally ready to talk about it!
  • For WIPpet Wednesday: New stuff for April – July. I’ll be sharing whatever I’m writing, when I get to Wednesday.
  • Eight Sentence Sunday: Eight sentences from one of my Kifo Island Chronicles novellas-in-progress, Transitions and Generations, throughout April.
  • ROW80 Updates: My progress on my current and/or long term goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days, posted on or near Sunday and Wednesday, beginning April 5, with my Round Two goals post.

In the Wilds of Internet-Land: A selection of transitional beauty!

OK…I’ve told you all about my week –  now it’s your turn!  Drop a comment in the box, or, even better, a link back to some or all of your  Second Serving – because leftovers are even better when they’re shared!

“A Simple Equation?”: #WeWriWa – #8Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors’ Eight Sentence Sunday! It’s simple and fun. Sign the linky list with your name, blog url and email address on Mondays, 8:00 AM EST. Each week, the list remains open until Saturday, 11:59 PM. Then on Sunday, post 8 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. Visit other […]

SoCs: Logic and Discord

Rowing down the Stream of Consciousness. Badge by Doobster at Mindful Digressions.

This post is part of Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme an unedited stream of consciousness piece that ties into the weekly prompt: “naught/knot/not. This flash fiction story inspired by Star Trek: Enterprise is also the opening scene of a short story-in-progress, Slow Jazz Awakening, as a young woman considers the nature of logic and humanity on an alien world called Earth.

Disclaimer: T’Pol, Soval, Koss, and the rest of Star Trek are property of CBS/Paramount; no copyright infringement intended, and no money is being made.

T’Pol walked through the muffling fog, her sensitive ears, evolved for the desert, catching up sounds. Staccato footprints, their force and swiftness betraying tension in the legs that made them. Bits of conversation, in several alien languages.

And laughter. Strange expulsions of breath, accompanied with percussive sound that caused sharp pains in her head; kept her always poised, ready to face danger – danger that did not come.

Humans don’t laugh when frightened,” she told herself silently – but, in truth, she did not know if this was so, and there was a certain illogic in making any such assumption.

There was a certain and undeniable illogic in being here at all.

T’Pol thought of her small and comfortable room at the Consulate. It was a Vulcan space, quiet and contemplative. The air, conditioned to Vulcan-normative heat and dryness, carried neither unexpected outbursts of sound, nor the profusion of scent that assailed her senses here, where they lay heavy on San Francisco’s humid ocean breeze. Her meditation candles waited, offering the calm of deep reflection. She would be alone, there, and there would be no need for her current state of alert.

There is a danger in breaking protocol.” This she couldn’t dispute. She was not intended to be out of the compound alone; Soval considered her still too young and unpracticed in diplomatic matters, and, perhaps more importantly, she was Promised, but not yet bonded. She was still a year from her marriage to Koss, and she risked both the termination of the contract her parents had arranged with the young man’s when they were seven years old, and the loss of her posting here on Terra – a posting that, however illogically, was of far greater importance to her than the bonding that would define the rest of her life, once formalized.

Comfort, safety, and security awaited her at the compound. All were at risk, with her current activity. Logic dictated that she should return immediately to the compound, and her life as it had been.

And yet, she didn’t turn, didn’t return to the safety of her room at the Consulate. As she had once ingested the rarest of Vulcan nectars, knowing the act would change her forever. As she had, as an infant, touched the flame of her mother’s meditation candle, even after the warning that it would bring pain…

Now, she simply kept walking, as though there was no danger, as though her muscles weren’t tightening into what a human might refer to, in the particularly imprecise manner of the prevalent human language, as ‘knotted’ – as though muscles were lengths of rope. She walked as though the sounds didn’t pain her head, as though the odors that overwhelmed her olfactory senses were not also ‘tying her guts up in knots’, as she heard a passing human male say.

An imprecise language, this English, and very different than that taught to her by her first foremother, T’Mir. And yet, very apt. Her digestive tract did indeed feel as though it was twisting and tightening, threatening to expel the plomik broth she had eaten at the evening meal, when she had too agitated by the breach of protocol she had so meticulously planned to consume anything more substantial.

T’Pol stopped walking. Her senses were being assaulted, and she was risking her position, not only in the Ministry of Diplomacy, but also as regarded her marital status, and her duty to Vulcan culture.

Highly illogical. She would return. To the Consulate, and her small, safe life. A progression of increasing age and responsibility that might, in time, allow her the freedom to move amongst the fascinating, chaotic species which named itself ‘homo sapiens’ – ‘rational man’.

She was turning to leave when she heard the strains of Terran music – discordant, and yet stirring something to life within her, something that had stirred when she touched the flame, and drank the tikkin nectars.

In time, she might earn the right to explore Earth and her people. After her marriage, and the traditional year lived with Koss, on Vulcan. If she were not pregnant; she had once postponed the marriage, and Koss might expect her to conceive their offspring at once. It had seemed an acceptable risk at the time, but now, the possibility seemed far too restrictive.

The notes of the chaotic music drifted freely to her, and something within T’Pol was compelled by them. She turned back, tipping her head to better catch its direction, and began to follow…

She reminded herself of logic, and risk, and protocol. “Kroykah,” she told herself, a word learned before all others, a command to desist that must be obeyed, even in plak tow, the blood fever of mating-

And yet, T’Pol walked on, her guts in knots, not heeding logic. The human language English had another term, one she’d always felt was completely illogical, a mathematical impossibility. “All was for naught.”

Now, as the young Vulcan woman commanded herself to return home, and continued to follow the strange human music, she thought perhaps that she was beginning to understand. 

The video below is just a bit spoilery, if you haven’t seen the series, and don’t know T’Pol’s story…

Enjoy stream-of consciousness writing? Come play – there’s just a few simple rules. See you next week, for another live-streaming look into the lovely chaos in my mind! =)

Get more SoCS right here!

A Somewhat Surreal Vision: March 26, 2015

ROWin’ past the finish…and on to the beginning!

Well, here we are, at the official end of Round One, and I feel a little like I’m surrounded by a Dali landscape. Know what I mean?

Time seems fluid; my dreams are exceptionally vivid. Characters are talking (not always the ones I’m listening for, but it’s good to hear the voices in my head, so I’m trying to just be happy I have characters with stories to tell…although I do feel a little like writing T’Pol a letter to remind her that humans need more sleep than Vulcans do, and revealing emotionally intense moments in her life just as I’m drifting off is not sleep-inducing – it’s writer-brain inducing!).

Tired writers with stories whirling in their heads are seldom logical…

Anyway, on to the business at hand. I’m moving along with the reverse-engineered story revision; I’m at the threshold of the last stages of plotting my first CampNaNo novella, and I have a better idea what’s going to be in my A-Z Challenge posts. As you’ll see below, there’s plenty to occupy me over the break, as I prepare to launch myself into four straight months of mad writerly creativity (should I cackle and rub my hands together, here, or stroke the cat, who’s been begging for it?)….decisions, decisions…

While I mull it over, here’s how I’m doing with my revised goals:

Blue with overstrike = completed.

Green = in progress.

Red = goal-in-waiting.

  • Planning for my CampNaNo projects. Plan and plot two Kifo Island Chronicles novellas before April 1. KIC #1- “Transitions”. Scrivener file set up with ordered chapters/scenes. Ordering the relevant folders in progress. 24/24 Scene Summaries complete! Next up, Cheat Sheets; then the rest of the plan, then on to Book 2, which I’ve been giving a little thought. No, I didn’t get both novellas planned before the end of the round, but I’ve made significant progress, and this will remain a focus until I either finish both, or run out of March. If that happens, I’ll finish plotting Book Two while drafting Book One.
  • Hometending and lifetending. More hometending projects. A couple of slower days, as I nurse a sore footand I might even dive into the Chaos That Is Our Front Porch in the next week or so…I didn’t necessarily do all of the things on my goals list, but I did a lot of decluttering, purging, cleaning, and organizing. That and a fair amount of added physical activity added up to what I’m calling a solid win in this area.
  • Revising: Revisions for “Slow Jazz Awakening”; complete and submit by March 31. Scene summaries completed for both! Cheat Sheets: 8/16 – both complete through Midpoint; Scrivener story file created; Cheat Sheets and Template added. Next up, the other half of the Cheat Sheets; then a rewrite! Okay, I’d hoped to be long done with this by now, but I think it was necessary to go through and reverse engineer a structure for this story. I feel the revision will come together more quickly, and be far better, because I took the time. This will remain a priority for the rest of the round.
  • Prepare posts for the rest of the week. Second Serving Sunday and ROW80 posted. Coffee and Conversation, WIPpet Wednesday, and Eight Sentence Sunday scheduled. Final ROW80 post and Second Serving Sunday in progress. Next up, finishing these, and moving forward on queuable posts for April. After a few rough weeks, I got back into a better place, and I’m posting regularly again, and even moving ahead a bit. I’m happy with my progress, all things considered.
  • Write a paragraph or so of notes for all 26 A-Z posts. Paragraphs completed through G (third day of Week Two); next up, the other 19, then actually writing the posts. Again, I was hoping to have all of the posts written by the end of the round, but I know I’ll be able to focus on these more as I finish some of the other, longer term prep work. Since I have all month to get them posted, they’re a secondary focus until either the novellas are plotted, or the short story revised. I definitely want to have Week One, at least, scheduled by March 31.
  • Create a queue of three Coffee and Conversation posts: one essay, and two Walks With Jo. Embellished collages for first Walk With Jo. Next up, edit essay for 3/30 post, and draft Walk With Jo Post. I’m happy with the progress here; it’ll remain a secondary project for the rest of the month.
  • Continue editing/sharing photos from our Oregon trip. Feb18, first batch of the sunset as we drove down I-5 to Eugene from points north; Next up, the last of the Feb. 18 editing, then sharing more on FB album. This is going slowly, but I’m editing and sharing a couple of times a week, so I’m pleased. I’ll continue this as a secondary focus.

Adding during the break:

  • Review and adapt goals lists for February, March, Round One, and 2015. Assessing where I am and where I want to be, and adjust accordingly. Next up, continuing comments on Round One and 2015, and writing February/March update. Moving to a tertiary position, until a couple of other things are done.
  • Draft a Round 2 sponsor post. This is a secondary goal.
  • Draft my Round 2/ April goals. This is a tertiary goal.

In case you’re wondering, the cat won out, as cats generally do. =)

You’ve reached the end of my Round One – find other ROWers’ wrapups right here!

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali. Fair use image via WikiaArt.

WIPpet Wednesday: “Curses Upon Thou!”

WIP it! WIPpet good! (At least, I hope it is!)

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It’s hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys!

This week, I’m returning to Chameleon’s Dish (which may or may not become Never Doubt I Love) – where we check in with Henry, a young boy with a potentially deadly problem – someone or something is stealing from his snare lines, and winter is coming…

In the dangerously superstitious past of Shakespeare’s England, an amnesiac girl and a foundling boy must keep her strange nature hidden as they stalk the Bard’s words and Hunt her lost identity.

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is March 25, 2015.
  • You get 25 sentences today. =)

Henry’s breath puffed out in quick angry bursts, matching the clenching of his fists. It could be no beast, so it must be man – or, more like, Verity’s boy Homer, or the twins whose names seemed ever to slip his mind, and to belong at once to their matched, sullen faces. He gave them more than he could easy spare, already, but those children seemed always empty and wanting, their mother endlessly grasping, and’ twould not be the first time they had stolen what he might have freely given.

The fourth empty snare set  fear chewing through his anger, the deep fear that had once been always with him. He’d thought himself long shut of it. But yet, here be another snare empty – another three days’ worth of meat and a fur taken – and Henry bowed under the weight of the clouds, and those hungry children, and his own need…

No – fear was a deadly foe; it stole energy for life as surely as the thief had taken his kills. Better that he give himself to the anger – anger could give warmth, and life, and energy he needed, if he was to survive. He clenched his fists until his nails bit into his own flesh, feeling that pain, holding to it against despair and fear. But it sat uneasy in him; he wasn’t angry by nature.

“Curses upon thou, whatever thou art!”

The wisp of a shadow leapt away, up a tree ten paces ahead. Mayhap he had only just missed the rabbit-mort at his work. Henry cursed himself for a fool, even as he took up his slingshot and pebble sack, loaded, and released, all before his next breath steamed the air. But his pebble bounced off a trunk, harmless and useless, and, though he stared to the place where the shadow had vanished until his eyes took an ache, nothing moved there. Though his ears sifted through every sound, none came from that place. Mayhap, though, he had affrighted the thief – hope was a fine thing, if not carried too far. He set off again, stepping quickly, lest the mort be there afore him.

Some people spoke of witches in these woods, or fey creatures. Verity spoke of demon-spawn, and the threat of Satan, and all spoke as though these things were as true as the changing of seasons, or that rabbits and people would breed, and children be unwanted, unnamed, and unfed -

A child’s fancies, boy. Thou art no child, nay, not truly. Leave thy imaginings here, and be about thy business, Henry.” His mouth twisted; he sounded like one of the severe sisters who had tended the children in the foundling’s home. He had escaped that life, three years gone, but mayhap he would ever carry it within him.

Will Henry find the thief? Survive the winter? Be able to feed those hungry children who aren’t his, but for whom he feels responsible?

Well, you’ll have to wait a while to find out. For the next four months, I will be posting new writing, as I dive into a series of writing challenges, delving further into existing stories, and creating new ones…

And, of course, I invite you all to come along for the ride… =)

While you wait for next week’s excitement, you can peek at more WIPpet Snippets; as always, we offer assorted genres, sizes, and styles to choose from! =D And, if you’re so inclined, follow the little froggie, post your own snippet, and join in on the WIPpety fun!

Coffee and Conversation: “Traveling Through the Alphabet” A-Z Theme Reveal

Grab a cuppa and a comfy seat, and let’s chat a while! It’s time for Coffee and Conversation!

When I was six, my family was driving on a highway late at night. Streaks of headlights and taillights painted the dark. For the first time, I realized that each car held people living lives as important to them as mine was to me.

I wanted to know what those lives were, and to share my own.

Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve remembered or managed to get here. Oops…! But it’s that time again…April approaches, and, with it, the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge – a letter each, every day but Sunday, until the alphabet is all planted. =)


April will bring showers of words! Click the calendar for more fun alphabetical activities!

I’ve begun this post twice before, and it seems to have gotten lost in the sweeping sands of time…in other words, the effort that it would take to locate it is a lesser one than what it will take to create a third post…so, in that vein, I’m going to go ahead and write it again….and post it this time, because it’s time for the Big Theme Reveal! =D  But before the curtain goes up, let’s talk a bit about why I love this challenge, and my own personal history with it…

I’ve participated in the  A-Z April Challenge for the last three years. In 2012, I chose random topics.

For 2013, I focused on a theme – I wrote 26 stories that became the exploratory basis of two novels – the original fantasy The Stars Are Fire, and the Star Trek: TOS/Enterprise fan fiction, Perchance to Dream.

Last year, for my third trip through A-Z Land, I decided to explore a niggling idea that I’d had for nearly a year – life on Kifo Island, a no-charge island hospice resort – a little like Fantasy Island for the dying. Each letter represented a character name; every character is either a dying person who has come to live out their life and create memories; a loved one; or someone who volunteers on the island. They’re a diverse mix of ages, personalities, and cultures. Some of the stories are romantic; a couple are humorous; and several are ominous or sad. 

Each year that I’ve undertaken this challenge, I’ve gained some stories, developed ideas, expanded my horizons, and learned a great deal, not only about my characters and their realities, but also about myself.

And now, April is on its way again, and it’s time to think about this year’s challenge. I toyed with several ideas – writing more Kifo Island stories – but I will be writing two novellas for that series as my April CampNaNo Challenge, and I don’t have 26 new characters in mind to develop.  So I’ve decided to go in a different direction -or, more accurately, several – this year.

Ready for the Big Reveal?  Well, ready or not… here it comes!

And the curtains slowly draw back to reveal…..

For several years, I’ve wanted to blog about the early years of our marriage, when my Accomplice and I traveled the country, working and playing in various places, including three national parks – Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the Everglades. Along the way, we had some adventures that have become stories and vignettes that are a part of our family history and lore.

So, this year, I’m going to share these with you, alphabetically, as my challenge.

Now, without further ado, here’s my topic list for the month:

Wednesday, April 1:

  • A – Alligators and Agave

Thursday, April 2:

  • B – Bison and Black Sand Basin

Friday, April 3:

  • C – Chicago

Saturday, April 4:

  • D – Diving Here and There

Sunday, April 5:

  • A-Z Rest Day

Monday, April 6:

  • E – Everglades and Eagles

Tuesday, April 7:

  • F- Firehole and Fumaroles

Wednesday, April 8:

  • G – Grand Canyon

Thursday, April 9:

  • H – Havasu Falls

Friday, April 10:

  • I - In the Dark

Saturday, April 11:

  • J - Joshua Trees

Sunday, April 12:

  • A-Z Rest Day

Monday, April 13:

  • K – Klamath Falls

Tuesday, April 14:

  • L – Lone Star Geyser and Lava Lake

Wednesday, April 15:

  • M- Mooney Falls and Mosquitoes

Thursday, April 16:

  • N- Nine Mile Pond

Friday, April 17:

  • O -Old Faithful and Oregon

Saturday, April 18:

  • P - Pacific and Pennekamp

Sunday, April 19:

  • A-Z Rest Day

Monday, April 20:

  • Q-  A Quiet Quarry

Tuesday, April 21:

  • R- Robert is Here

Wednesday, April 22:

  • S - San Francisco, Sequoias, and Stars

Thursday, April 23:

  • T - Thermal Features and Tourons

Friday, April 24:

  • U – Umpqua

Saturday, April 25:

  • V – Viewpoints

Sunday, April 26:

  • A-Z Rest Day

Monday, April 27:

  • W – Wyoming and Wild Things

Tuesday, April 28:

  • X – X Marks The Spot

Wednesday, April 29:

  • Y – Yellowstone

Thursday, April 30:

  • Z – ZZZ…Sleeping Outside

And that’s it…my A-Z Challenge all laid out. I even mapped it out on my day planner, so that I know what to do. And now, I just need to write the 26 posts, find relevant images and links, and get them all set up and scheduled.  

Throughout the month of April, if you see this logo at the head of the post, and a letter badge, you’ll know you’re in for a bit of adventure (and often humor, too!).

Sound exciting?  Looking for a little adventure in your life? There’s still time to join in, or read others’ posts! =D I’ll brew a fresh pot of coffee, and you can reveal your April theme!   And I’ll see you Out There, under that Wanderin’ Star!

Second Serving Sunday: The “It’s Spring, Sir!” Edition

A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, from my little corner of the blogosphere

Life Stuff:

My last Second Serving Sunday post: The It’s Been A While Edition

  • Click the link for my recent posting history!

It’s been an interesting week. We’ve had a taste of spring, followed quickly by the return of winter weather, and a power outage that lasted about five hours. Things are warming up sllloooowwwwyyyy, now…

I’ve got a split on the bottom of my foot (my skin tends to crack during the cold season), and it’s making walking very painful. I’m thinking that I’ll try a corn cushion pad, and see if I can get back to moving without a limp, because limping around while hometending just isn’t my idea of fun.

In other news – while I’m still feeling “behind” in my prepping for the various challenges I’ve scheduled for the next four months, I’ve done a good chunk of plotting for my CampNaNoWriMo project – the first two novellas in my Kifo Island Chronicles series, which is based on my A-Z Challenge posts from last year. I’ve also written a new Trip and T’Pol story, roughed out two essays, edited and collaged some pictures for future blogposts, and done most of the reverse engineering needed for revisions of my TnT short story, “Slow Jazz Awakening”, which I wanted to submit to Ad Astra in February, but am hoping now to get out before the end of March.

I’ve also been hometending – getting a jump on the spring fling, even if the weather isn’t exactly cooperating with me, just yet.

All that to say, I’ve been doing stuff. Lots of it. =)

And now, last week’s features:

Coffee and Conversation:

  • Nothing this week…but stay tuned!

WIPpet Wednesday:

  • Peace in the Stars?: An excerpt from my time-travel fantasy novel-in-progress, Chameleon’s Dish. Tisira is with her father, watching the stars that have always brought comfort – but her reality is shifting, and she was somewhere else, a few breaths ago – was she not?

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):

  • I, Eye, Aye, Sir?”: The highly illogical vagaries of written English prove problematic for Enterprise‘s Vulcan Science Officer, with unexpected and amusing results.

Eight Sentence Sunday:

ROW80: The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life.

Variety’s Spice: Two reblogs, this week, and both well worth a look! =D

What’s Next:

March Focuses:

  • Wrapping up ROW80 Round One – the round goes in the books, officially, on Thursday. I’ll post my final update on Wednesday, and then look at my longer-term goals during the break before Round Two starts on April 6.
  • Completing and submitting homeschool paperwork (done!), and my fan fiction story, “Slow Jazz Awakening”, currently in revision.

This week, on the blog:

  • For Coffee and Conversation: At long last, my Blogging from A-Z Challenge Intro Post. (Yes, I thought that it would be posted this past Monday, but it turns out I was a week early for the Big Theme Reveal, so it will post this week, instead.)
  • For WIPpet Wednesday: A final bit from Chameleon’s Dish, at least for the next few months, as we find out what happens next to Henry, a boy on his own, facing a possibly disastrous situation…and then we move to new stuff for April – July.
  • Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS):A post based on the weekly prompt, TBA Friday. Might be fiction, or not, but it’s always surprising!
  • Eight Sentence Sunday: Eight more sentences from the Prologue of The Earth Doth Move. This is the last week for a while – I’ll be sharing excerpts from my Kifo Island Chronicles novellas during April.
  • ROW80 Updates: My progress on my current and long term goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days, posted on or near Sunday and Wednesday.

In the Wilds of Internet-Land: A celebration of spring!