“What Kind of Home…?”: The IDIC Romance for #WeWriWa #8Sunday


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors’ Eight Sentence Sunday! 

It’s the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Sign up below with your name, blog and email and share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Your post needs to be live between 12:00 noon on Saturday 05/16/15 and 9:00 AM on Sunday 05/17/15. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8sunday posts.

It’s a second chance to share a small snippet of my current writing. Most weeks, I tie them back to my WIPpet Wednesday  post, so reading both can give a deeper peek…


  • Trip, T’Pol, and Star Trek: Enterprise belong to Paramount, even if Paramount has forgotten all about them.
  • This is an extrapolated “missing scene” story, detailing some of what might have happened during the months’ long and scarcely shown return to Earth in S2E26 “The Expanse”. Spoilers for that episode.

This snippet follows immediately after last week’s WIPpet Wednesday post, Spinning

Trip has gotten some very bad news from back home, and the ship is months away from Earth. Relieved of duty and out of options, he sees only one way to ease the pain – by getting good and drunk, and staying that way. I wrote this story for the Story a Day May Challenge, using the Second-Person POV prompt, which accounts for the unusual phrasing. I actually loved the way this story turned out (the POV was fanastic for a drunk scene!), but, if you  don’t care for second-person, it might not be for you.

I’m offering ten sentences today, because the new rules let me! =D

You roll to your belly. But that only makes you feel sick, and you don’t want to sleep, anyway. “For in that sleep of death what dreams may come?” 

Damned Shakespeare, too…gotta get out of here, get away, get unstuck. It’s the middle of the night; maybe you can slip into Engineering, just for a minute. If you can touch your engines, you’ll feel better. You’ll be home. 

Awww, hell. Home. What kind of home was there now, after -? 

Can Trip get unstuck? Will he make it to Engineering? Will he get sick? Will he dream?

For those who don’t want to wait for the next installment, here’s the current “Stuck in Space” arc:*

  • Sticking Point: Trip, tormented by unanswerable questions and unimaginable loss, just wants to stay drunk. 
  • Pillow Talk?: When the “comforting” veers into uncharted territory, conversation is – challenging, and fascinating.

*There may eventually be more stories in this arc.

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Why Do We (To-) Do It?: A Mindful Monday Post for Tuesday!

One Monday in February, this was my to-do list! South Jetty Park, Florence, OR, USA.  Photo Shan Jeniah Burton.

Hi there, and welcome to my very first Mindful Monday Tuesday post! You can learn more about Mindful Monday, and the idea behind it, at Silver Threading!

So often, in our modern world, life seems to become a matter of checking things off to-do lists. There are so many options for planners, organizers, paper and online calendars, and other options intended to help us to get through those lists, while, at the same time, separating us from some of our money.

But why do we do it? How do we decide what goes on that list? What makes the cut, and what doesn’t? What happens if one of our beloveds needs us, and the list sits there, waiting and possibly accusing us with its mere presence? What about if we have a tired day, or an unanticipated opportunity, injury, or occurrence?

A few years back, as I was learning how to incorporate more joy into my family’s life, I realized that I spent a lot of my time doing things just because I thought I “had to”. I hadn’t given any thought to what the benefit was, or whether I actually wanted to do them.

When we get too wrapped up in our own lists and routines, we can forget that every item on the list represents a portion of our lives. If we complete it, we’ve spent that amount of our life in the process. If we don’t, there may be a lingering sense of obligation that saps some of the joy and energy out of all the other things we do instead.

Because, if we get too hung up on those lists, too devoted to them, we can fall into the trap of “If It’s Not On the List, It Doesn’t Count”.

I’m learning to look at my list mindfully, and consider what I’ve included, and why. I try to frame mylist things that will allow me to move toward larger life objectives:

  • I strive for greater peace and clarity in my life, so I have meditation and my intentions journal on my weekly to-do list.
  • I want to be more in touch with my physical self, so there’s a t’ai chi class that challenges and fulfills me, and a goal to do physical things throughout the week.
  • Same thing for time with friends, connection with my beloveds, and various writing, hometending, and yardtending items. Each of these is a step toward a larger goal.

My to-do list is fairly general, and specific, at the same time. I like a broader swath, so that I can have space to adapt to life as it happens.

Items make the list if they’re important to me. Sometimes, that means that something I might prefer not to do makes the list- like, writing homeschool reports, which I suspect will never make the list simply because I want to write them – I don’t. Our real life is far more textured and amazing than a report could capture – I’d rather focus on the living part. But we value our life as it is, and in our current state of residence, complying with the law means writing the reports.

Living the way we do matters, so the reports go on the list when it’s time, and I know the potential cost of not doing them.

Words of Wisdom from my friend August!

For most things on the list, though, the consequences of letting the item slide are negligible on any specific day. I can list the things I did instead, and be happy in the knowledge that I listened to myself and my inner sense of things – my mood or energy level can be different, when it’s time to address the list, than it was when I created it.

An example:

  • Last night, I attended a write-in with my local NaNoWriMo group (we meet year-round, and that’s on my list because I thrive on the combination of writing sprints, food, and writerly chatter with some very cool people).
  • Three of us stayed late, then I went to the store, my head still full of stories, because we needed things like toothpaste and dish soap.
  • I came home, spent some time with my family.
  • I wrote all night and well into the morning.
  • I passed an hour or two connecting with others on Facebook.
  • I collapsed into a fertile dreaming sleep for four hours or so.
  • I woke to coffee and conversation with my Accomplice.
  • I revised what I wrote last night.
  • I puttered with blog visits and comments.
  • I watched some television, mostly as background.
  • I roused myself, and mowed the rest of the front lawn.
  • I planted the last of the pansies I bought a week ago.
  • My Accomplice came home with pizza and groceries as I was finishing, and I made sure my help wasn’t needed with that.
  • I came back to the story of the day, which is now drafted at 4500 words.
  • During the day, there were moments of connection with those I love.
  • I was tired, from not much sleep and an active mind and yesterday.
  • I honored that, in the way I lived.

It’s nearly 11pm now, and I’m hoping I’ll have this post up by midnight.  almost 3am now, with a much needed rain a counterpoint to my laptop keys as I finish up this post. I’ve passed the whole day without giving serious consideration to my to-do list; but it should be clear that I wasn’t “just doing nothing….”

My life is at its best when there’s a base structure that allows time and space for – well, Other Things. Things I didn’t put on a list, but which make life – more.

Learning that wasn’t on any to-do list, but it’s changed my life!  

Follow the links for more Mindful Monday or August McLaughlin (brand-new Indie Chicks Badass Blog Awards Most Blunt Blog winner!)

Noticing beauty wherever it happens to be is in my indelible soul to-do list. Photo by Shan Jeniah Burton, February, 2015.

The Big Stuff Edition: Second Serving Sunday

A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, from my little corner of the blogosphereare you ready?

Life Stuff:

Last Week’s Edition: It’s A Tricky Day.  Mother’s Day isn’t a simple day of celebration, for many.

  • Click the link for my recent posting history!

So, it’s been a busy week, but not in a running around sense. As a matter of fact, other than Sunday’s trip out with the kids for tacos, ice cream, and pansies, the one day I did go out, Tuesday, my car started to act funny, and the Check Engine light came on…so I came home, sans t’ai chi and some alone time at Panera.

But being home doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. I did quite a lot of home and yardtending this week. I wrote stories and blog posts, including the one that makes this the week of Big Stuff. I spent lots of time connecting with the three amazing fellow humans I live with.

And some things shifted inside me, in ways I don’t yet have words for…eventually, I will, but not yet. For now, I’ll just say that I’m growing, and leave it at that…

Last week’s features:

ROW80: The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life.

  • No Golden Ring:  When life is more turbulent than joyous, but the world wants you to celebrate…and some writing, too.
  • Grateful Growth:  Wherein I say thank you, and breathe a little more easily (and offer a Trekkish mini-treat!).

Eight Sentence Sunday:

  • “Tiny Flames”:In the aftermath of grief, in T’Pol’s quarters, Trip has a realization, and knows that the time has come.

WIPpet Wednesday:

  • “She is Fierce”: T’Pol wants to go canoeing, with Trip, and against doctor’s advice, and she’s more than a little fiercely insistent.

Coffee and Conversation:

  • What Am I Hiding? At the intersection of modesty and stinginess, I learn to reveal myself for a greater purpose.

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):

  • Sticking to the Plan: Sometimes, the best plan you can come up with is to get drunk and avoid certain triggering words and people…

Story a Day May:

  • Get Out Your White Hat: Trip’s been caught red – uhh – lipped, and the tempting new Vulcan on the ship has clearly gotten the wrong idea, and is not amused.
  • Fierce:  One very determined, and very, well, passionate,Vulcan woman, and the man who loves her enough to paddle her canoe.
  • Telling Stories:Trapped in an Everglades lightning storm with a critically ill wife, Trip tries to tell her a story…
  • Don’t Shave:  A drabble (100 word story) that wraps up the Everglades arc…
  • “Private Intercultural Research”: An old Terran book, a watched door, and a different kind of research project.
  • Watching Him:  In a time of mutual emotional turmoil, T’Pol observes Trip, and offers healing.
  • Sticking Point: Torn by unanswerable questions, a very drunk Trip is offered acceptance and healing from an unexpected source.

What’s Next:

May Focuses: (everything now in progress).

  • Complete the Story A Day May Challenge. 
  • Complete revisions and submit “Slow Jazz Awakening”
  • Resume revisions on “Peach Liqueur Love”
  • Plot Sea Changes: Kifo Island Chronicles #3.
  • Update blog sidebar.

This week, on the blog:

  • For WIPpet Wednesday: New stuff for April – July. I’ll be sharing whatever I’m writing, when I get to Wednesday. This week….another snippet from The IDIC Romance….
  • Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS):A post based on the weekly prompt, TBA Friday. Most likely Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction, this month, because Trip and T’Pol!
  • Eight Sentence Sunday: Eight sentences from the same story as my WIPpet Wednesday post, but probably a little further on…
  • ROW80 Updates: My progress on my current and/or long term goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days, posted on or near Sunday and Wednesday.

In the Wilds of Internet-Land:

And that’s my week, in a nutshell (or a blogpost!). How about you? Did you do anything daring or exciting this week? Challenge yourself? Finish a project that’s been nagging you? Start something new? Just relax?

Yes, I’m a little nosy. Writer thing. So, if you want to satisfy my perhaps inappropriate curiosity, drop me a line or a few in the box below!

“Traveling Through the Alphabet” Reflections on the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, April 2015


So, do you remember what you did in April? Was it a blur of routine, with nothing standing out as special? Did you have a vacation, a birthday, a wedding or a promotion…?

Or did you undertake a personal challenge of some type?

For me, April has come to mean two separate writing challenges: April CampNaNoWriMo, for which I drafted one novel, and began another; and

The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge

This post is my entry into the A-Z Reflections Blog Hop. Admittedly, I’m breathing down the neck of being late – posts are meant to be up no later than today, and, where I am, today’s got less than two hours left…

Maybe that’s fitting…

I seemed to spend most of the month scrambling to keep up.

It wasn’t intentional. I had my idea a year ahead; I meant to set things up well ahead of time…but then life happened…

Along about the fall, my father-in-law invited us to come visit our Oregon family, and we decided to go in mid-February. There was plenty to be done, in addition to life. I had other projects: a poetry challenge in October, NaNoWriMo in November…and then the holidays come and go, and it’s a new year, and details are being set for a mid-February cross-continental journey, and all the preparation that went with it.

  • And I had a January challenge, and a February one – and then we were gone, and every day of our vacation was filled with life – but not so much writing. Internet access was spotty, and my focus was even more so. I got behind on my challenge when I couldn’t post.
  • We had a blistering flight change in Chicago- less than 45 minutes, with no departing gate announced, and, when we learned it, we discovered that we were to descend 3 levels, use the moving staircase to traverse the length of the terminal, then go up three levels…we barely made the flight.
  • On the day we were to head home, sitting in the airport 20 minutes before boarding the plane, I learned that Leonard Nimoy had died that morning. That might not seem like a big deal for many people – but try typing Leonard Nimoy or Spock on the search bar on the right…you’ll get a little idea of my grief.
  • We got home, and there was a round of head colds -and then my laptop power adaptor failed. Since it’s a Lenovo, and was under warranty, a new one could be sent from Texas – where there was bad weather slowing transit.

By the time everything was ready again, I was far behind- in blogging, and in planning the novel I meant to begin on April 1.

Oh, and it was already mid-March.

So I started the month far behind where I hoped to be. I had the first two days’ worth scheduled, when I wanted the whole month stacked up and ready to go…

I spent the month never quite falling behind, but never quite getting ahead, either…

It was more chaotic than I’d hoped – and the kids and I had a four day trip to visit out of state friends near the end of the month, which meant four days of less than normal writing…and two five hour drives for me.

And I was writing novels at the same time.

I didn’t get around to visit nearly as many other A-Zers as I wanted to. I hit a couple of frustrating dead ends, trying to visit people, and found several blogs I would have loved to have visited more often than I managed.

Yes, I got the posts done, and I enjoyed my travel theme, revisiting the early days of marriage, when my Accomplice and I worked in national parks and explored the country in our off time. I allowed myself to delve, to dream, to draw connections, and to share..

I hope I offered something of value; something that made the visit worthwhile.

Sometimes, it felt like climbing Moro Rock again…

Sometimes, though, challenges are more about seeing what we didn’t quite get right, and how we can fix it.

So, for next year’s challenge?

  • I already have my topic (no, I’m not telling -you’ll have to wait for next March to learn that!).
  • I have a list with a few post concepts for letters A-I.
  • I’m adding three letters every day or two.
  • Once I’ve gotten through the alphabet, I’ll start developing my ideas into posts, and choose a finalist for each letter.
  • I plan to be finished with my drafting by the end of the year, and finished with scheduling posts by the end of February.
  • As for visiting, I do plan to visit more A-Z posts during the coming weeks. I might also get brave enough to volunteer as a minion for 2016, to ensure I visit more folks, in a more timely manner, next year.

If you’re an A-Z poster who’d like a visit, drop me a comment with a link, and I’ll drop by! =D

Looking back…and peering ahead….

Second Serving Sunday: The Greening Up Edition


A weekly peek backwards and a look ahead, from my little corner of the blogosphere

Life Stuff:

My last Second Serving Sunday post: The A-Z CampNaNo Edition

  • Click the link for my recent posting history!

This week was – interesting. Yes. That’s the word I’m going with.

It started with my daughter getting sick shortly after I got home from my write-in last Sunday night. Monday had her on the couch, sleeping on and off all day. I call her the Force of Nature, and not because she’s generally sedentary. The whole vibe shifted, without her kinetic energy bubbling through everything else.

Tuesday was even more interesting. My Accomplice got the stomach bug, just as my daughter was recovering. The aging dog decided that the cat needed chasing – that’s something that happens a couple of times a week. But this time he caught her, and ‘played’ with her. He got a lacerated nose; she hid under the sink for two days before emerging, still stiff and sore, but jumping and climbing. She’s now curled up on my bed, and I’m making a point to wear the dog out more often, to avoid further angst and injury, and promote healthier canine/feline relations (or at least a detente!).

I’m kind of glad the second part of the week was more mellow, you know?

In other news, I’m gearing up to dive into Act Three of my first CampNaNo novel(-la?), Transitions (KIC#1) ; I’ve done the majority of the plotting for Generations (KIC#2). I’m on schedule with my Blogging from A-Z April Challenge,  and I’m planning to finish up and submit my ROW80 sponsor post later today.

And now, last week’s features:

ROW80: The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life.

Eight Sentence Sunday:

  • Introductions” : A young potter named Corinne is introduced to two older men…opening paragraphs of my Kifo Island Chronicles novella-in-progress, Transitions.

Coffee and Conversation:

  • On April hiatus.

WIPpet Wednesday:

  • Until Today? Terrance has suspicions, and what he thought were the unshakable foundations of his marriage might be crumbling. More from Transitions (Kifo Island Chronicles #1).

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday):

A-Z Challenge: Traveling my Way Through the Alphabet in April!

  • Everglades and Eagles: We travel back to the River of Grass to visit some wildlife; then out west to Yellowstone, for a close encounter of the bald eagle kind.
  • Havasu Falls:  A trip to the place of the blue-green waters, and a new stage in a relationship’s journey…
  • In the Dark: How do you feel about being in the dark – now, how about in a cave or underwater cavern?
  • Joshua Trees:  Music can inspire and transport us to unexpected and wondrous places – sometimes, literally.

What’s Next:

April Focuses:

  • Setting ROW80 goals for Round Two, which starts on April 6.
  • Completing 60,000 words for CampNaNo (roughly two novellas).
  • Draft two Kifo Island Chronicles novellas: Transitions and Generations.
  • Complete the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge.
  • Planning and plotting for Story A Day May, when I will explore more stories for The IDIC Romance.

Sneak Preview:

  • For Coffee and Conversation: C and C is on April hiatus. There will be an A-Z post each week, so feel free to stop by any Monday, and enjoy!
  • For WIPpet Wednesday: New stuff for April – July. I’ll be sharing whatever I’m writing, when I get to Wednesday. This week, one last snippet from Transitions, before I begin drafting Generations.
  • Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS):A post based on the weekly prompt, TBA Friday. Might be fiction, or not, but it’s always surprising!
  • Eight Sentence Sunday: Eight sentences from my Kifo Island Chronicles novellas, Transitions and Generations, throughout April. We’ve got one more from Transitions, and then Generations takes center stage.
  • ROW80 Updates: My progress on my current and/or long term goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days, posted on or near Sunday and Wednesday, beginning April 5, with my Round Two goals post.

In the Wilds of Internet-Land:

May your week ahead exceed your wildest expectations! Spring is finally here, and I’m…


WIPpet Wednesday: Losses and Lateness

Why, hello there! I know, I kind of disappeared for the last couple of weeks. Internet connectivity was almost non-existent while we were on vacation (my one afternoon slated for solitary time at a wi-fi equipped coffeehouse while my family went out on dune buggies was a fail – the Internet was out, and the dune buggies were still closed for the season…

And then, on Friday, right before we got on an airplane in Portland, OR, headed to Chicago, and then Albany, NY and home, I read the news….

Leonard Nimoy had died that morning. For those who read here often, you know this is a Big Deal to me, for many reasons.

And, yesterday, my laptop stopped recognizing its power adaptor. Fortunately, it’s still under warranty, but I’m now using my son’s battered little Lenovo, and it’s – well, not fast.

So I’m a bit…discombobulated. But here, and ready to get back into the WIPpet swing…

Disclaimer: Paramount claims to own Spock – but I think he’s the universe’s, now, if he wasn’t already. I take it as a matter of honor to treat him well.

WIPpet Math:

  • Only the math of grief.

This passage is from my November NaNoWriMo novel, The Earth Doth Move. A very young Spock contemplates his dual heritage, and his future, while he dreams. He’s visited by some important figures in his life…figures with conflicting viewpoints…

Spock dreamed that he was on her world, running with her, in Huntform, through the wild places where she made her home. He dreamed too that she was awaiting him on Earth, that, if he could only reach that planet, she would be there, when his craft landed, and they would be together.

Would he still accept the appointment with Starfleet Academy, if he had no need to reach her?

“Don’t rock the boat, son.” Trip’s voice, or that of his katra, delivering a message that Spock did not wholly understand…but then they were on a rocking boat, moving across a vast Forge made only of water, with no land in sight, anywhere, and Spock felt ill as the craft plunged through wave after wave, cold salted water – WATER! – slapping him, icy and terrifying.

“Don’t rock the boat, son.” Mother stood beside Trip; they spoke together. “It’s impossible to unring a bell.”

Spock wanted to ask them what they meant, because the words made no sense. But, when he opened his mouth to speak, the salt spray drove into him. pouring into his Breathsource, so that he gagged and retched and coughed, and could not speak.

“You will not rock the boat. You will not ring a bell, if it cannot then be unrung. You will meditate, and practice the mind rules until you have mastered them. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the desires of two young ones not yet old enough to decide the details of their lives.”

Father did not speak to him, not as one would to a son. No, he was issuing edicts, as though he were in the Council Chambers, as though he were master of the forces and pulls within Spock, as though being his father- his Vulcan father – made it so.

“Thee dost not- and WILT not master me, Sarek. I am myself; I have the right to myself, to what makes me unlike any other. It is mine; I decide how I shall share it. Not thee. Never thee!”

“Don’t rock the boat, son. It’s impossible to unring a bell.” What did it mean that the only two humans in his life- Mother, and the katra of T’Pol’s dead husband, spoke together, in solidarity, as they shared the human vernacular that was so alien to his ears and his mind. Who were these humans, and why did they so compel him, draw him, toward themselves and their strange wet world? The force of gravity could not pull him from so far away – and yet, it did. Its pressure was a constant force upon him, drawing him nearer, drawing him to a home that had never truly been his, but which was, nonetheless, his birthright, as much as the world of red skies and sand ever honing the sharpened edges of obsidian cliffs.

Humans speak truth; but they speak it in their own ways. Often, they use images intended to be evocative, and sometimes provocative. Their words are intended to paint a picture- not a realistic one, but one that combines senses and emotions blended with cultural awareness. The boat and the bell are metaphors, Spock, and the actions ascribed to these metaphors deepen and shift them.”

As always, there were messages and layers in T’Pol’s words, and her vast stores of life and knowledge offered smoothing. One day, perhaps, he would be as she was – venerable, but not unapproachable; wise, but not unkind; aged, but not rigid of belief.

Which voice should Spock listen to? Would his own be better? Will he succumb to Earth’s pull, or Vulcan’s? His unknown bondmate, and her claim on him?

Of course, I’m not telling yet! Next week, we’ll return to get reacquainted with Tisira, at the moment that precipitates her sudden birth. That was supposed to happen last week, but, for reasons I don’t yet understand, the post misfired…

That’s life, sometimes….

And here’s a treat!

#LoIsInDaBl Day 19: A Whole Lotta Cousins!

Put a Little Love in Yours!

Put a Little Love in Yours!

Here’s an interesting tidbit about me. On my father’s side, I have 32 first cousins. Yes, that’s right. My grandparents had six children. Between them, they produced 36 grandchildren – me, and my three siblings, and thirty -two others.

What’s this have to do with anything? Well, today at Love Is In Da Blog, Bee prompts us to write about aunts, uncles, and/or cousins.

Most of these cousins are older than me – my father was the fifth of those six children, and his oldest sibling, my Uncle Leo (a former firefighter, and a lot nicer and more fun than Jerry’s Uncle Leo on Seinfeld), is twelve years older. The effect was that Uncle Leo’s youngest child was the age of my older brother, eldest in our family. I barely knew one of the older children until I was a teenager. I played with several second cousins just a few years younger than me.

Most of my cousins grew up far away – many in South Carolina, some in Virginia. I saw them on occasion, growing up, for days at a time, so I knew them well enough to carry on conversations and play with, but not well enough to ever feel – well, casual, I guess – around them.

But we had a helper, in my Grandpa Foster.

For all of our childhoods, Grandpa would take Super Eight silent films as he traveled from family to family, with my grandma until she died when I was nine, and then alone. The main attraction, when he came to have dinner with us, was to have his movie screen set up in the living room after we ate, and it was dark enough for the movies. We’d watch the films as he ran the projector, and it was a huge honor to be asked to be his assistant.

We’d watch the movies of our cousins living their lives, showing off new toys, new skills, new clothes, new teeth…sharing their favorite things. There’d be new movies and old favorites. They’d be spooled together, their families merging with ours, hodgepodge, the way sprawling families get all tangled up together. And, because I saw bits and pieces of their lives in this way, and because my grandfather almost always narrated, I felt that I knew them.

Other times, he’d bring the camera, and something upon which to write the date, and he’d film our lives-of-the-moment, and I could imagine my cousins somewhere far away, watching the movies when it was their turn.

There was an air of magic and mystery to the whole process.

Decades have passed since my grandfather died in 1987, the same year I graduated. Many of my cousins were already adults by then, living their own lives, and, as time passed, we gradually lost touch without the cohesive force he had provided –

The Internet has reconnected me with several of my cousins. It’s a little like those old movies. I get to peek into bits of their everyday lives. I get to know them in a new way. But, this time, they have control of what they share….

And I can share what I want of my life, too…

I think my Grandpa would be very happy about that. =)

Looking for more Love Is In Da Blog? Find it right here! 

Me, as a baby. Photo supplied by my cousin Heather, who lives in Virginia, via Faebook.