Where On the Web is Shan Jeniah?

Links and Summaries for My Online Content


  • Sometimes There is no Right WayTiny Budhha
  • This essay ponders the concept of “The Right Way”, how my upbringing affected my perceptions of right and wrong, and how, through practicing at presence and compassion, I am learning to see and shift those patterns – and how doing so may have saved my oldest friendship.
  • To Blog or Not to Blog?Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette:
  • Musings on becoming a blogger; beginning just weeks after the death of our newcorn son, as a type of personal therapy.  There followed by a six year absence from the world of blogging,  and then, a return to it, at a far more joyous stage of life –  the beginning of our unschooling journey.



  • 4AM Call –  Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette:
  • Loosely fictional biographical flash poem, about a life-shifting event, originally written for The Trifextra Weekend Challenge – to write a 33 word poem, beginning with the words, “The phone rang at 4am…”.

Erotic Poetry:

  • Love Speaks – Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette:
  • Autobigraphical erotic flash poem; reader discretion advised.


3 thoughts on “Where On the Web is Shan Jeniah?

  1. Please write more for me. My readers (over 500 hits a day for the month of August) are waiting.

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