#atozchallenge Day 6: Showers, Forgiveness, and the Hygge of Hometending

Hey there, and welcome to Day 6 of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge and the 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge!

Today’s theme is “Forgive”, and the challenge is to “embrace a memory.” The suggestion was to remember a happy memory, and take a step that would help recreate the feeling it brought.

It was a little challenging finding something that could bridge these two – until I remembered my first shower at home after a month of nomadic trips to the Y with my two teens (and, at one point, two extras, because my son had weekend guests).

And it wasn’t something that should have happened. We’d hired plumbers to fix our shower, which we had to turn on using the valves behind the unit, and, rather than install the new faucet and valve assembly properly, the “technician” left us with this:

What can’t be seen are the pipes that were literally spraying water, or the mess he gifted us with – or the month-long saga of me getting up or staying up to await repair crews who never showed up. There were at least seven canceled appointments, with ever less believable excuses.

Finally, I contacted the Better Business Bureau and posted  the picture above on Facebook, tagging the plumbing company so they could see the negative responses come in.

It took three straight grindingly early mornings following the one of the final canceled appointment, but we finally had a working shower before that week was out. In the end, we got a better system than we’d paid for, because the first man broke the brand-new assembly, and all they could get on short notice was an upgraded single-handled system.

The second tech, who is also a carpenter, built a new wall panel, and even installed things a bit higher than typical, “so you won’t have to bend, because you’re a tall family”, which is true: my 14-year-old daughter is 5’7”, I am 5’9”, and my 17-year-old son is 6’3”.

This is what things looked like when he was done with them:

That first shower was heavenly, and, after, I slept a solid 9 hours (almost unheard of for me, but desperately needed after a month of feeling like I was always on standby).

Today, to honor that feeling, I undertook the far-from-pleasant and long-overdue job of deep cleaning the surfaces of the toilet. That used to be something Jim did.

I’m not going to share pictures of that (it doesn’t seem tasteful), so please take my word for the fact that it’s much cleaner now. My son did the bowl, too, so the clean is inside and out. It will spur me on to complete a much needed deep clean of the entire room.

It’s also a way of saying that I can forgive the month of not showering, now that things are set to rights and then some. I can let it go rather than dwelling, and appreciate the shower more because of that showerless month.

I’m still not happy about the damage done, or the lousy customer service from a company that claims a 100% satisfaction guarantee – but rather than be angry about something that’s now in the past, I’m choosing to look forward while embracing the memory of the moment I took that first shower once things were finally in order again.

And that feels a lot more hyggelig to me!

Have you ever had a less than than stellar home repair or cleanliness moment?
Can you put a positive spin on it, and use it to make an improvement?
Please share in the comments below.

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On Monday, we get to gather in a special sanctuary!

Till next time!

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