Memento from a Not-Distant Past: Just Jot It January 7, 2019

January 7, 2019: Lesson 14, “A Year to Clear What Is Holding You Back”

I’ve been away for nearly a month and a half. My last journal entry was about our new roof, which was on the cusp of being built.

Going back today to read that post as I contemplate where two weeks of A Year to Clear have brought me is like getting a little memento from a not-distant past – but one that is very different from my present.

There is still abundant clutter in my life – physical, mental, and emotional chaos.

But something vital has shifted.

I’m more aware – not just of the clutter, but of the patterns and behaviors and emotions that run beneath it.

Not only that – my awareness has spread outward to my two teens, ages 17 and 14.5.

I’ve created a checklist of hometending items from every day to once a year. We aren’t getting it all done yet, but that isn’t the point right now. We want to grow into it, so that the tending becomes a habit built over time.

We’ve done some major decluttering – including both kids going through personal belongings and childrens’ books – a fraught area only months ago.

We’re living life with a secure roof over our heads, and have reclaimed one end of our long, narrow living room where the ceiling had collapsed in places. Cleaning it was unpleasant, hard work – but we did it together, as a team, for the most part.

We made that space into an entertainment area – a place to watch TV, play games, chat, or for teens to hang out together.

We are patching the ceiling for now, until we decide on a more permanent repair.

Our cluttered living room isn’t, so much, anymore – we can even use the wood stove on the other end, and now the house has a cozy, sweet smell of wood smoke, and a warm, happy glow.

There’s still a long way to go – there, and in our other spaces – but we’re all starting to see the potential and possibilities our small home contains.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of change forming in our lives – but it’s enough to express for one day.

This jot is part of Just Jot It January where today’s prompt is “memento.” A Year to Clear What Is Holding You Back!, which inspired this jot pulled from my clearing journal, can be purchased through Daily OM). Click any of the titles to learn more!

Till next time!

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